From The Horse’s Mouth


I. So What Is National Interest ? 

[i] William Shakespeare, Macbeth, Act I Scene 4

[ii] W.F. Church, Richelieu and Reason of State (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1973)

[iii] Auberon Herbert, The Right and Wrong of Compulsion by the State and Other Essays

[iv] M.N. Srinivas, The pangs of change (Frontline: The Hindu, August 1997)

[v] S.L. Rao, Too Many Bosses – The UPA has a cabinet with many insubordinate ministers (The Telegraph 5 June 2006)

II. I Am Offended, How Can You?

[i] “Offence” as defined in the New Oxford Dictionary

 [ii] Maharashtra bans beef, 5 years jail, Rs 10,000 fine for possession or sale –

 AIB Roast Organisers, Bollywood Personalities Booked for Criminal Conspiracy –      personalities-          booked-for-criminal-conspiracy-739136

SC strikes down ‘draconian’ Section 66A –                 section-66-a-of-the-it-act-finds-it-unconstitutional/article7027375.ece


 [iv] In the written judgment of Loving v Virginia dated January 22 1965 before the Caroline County Circuit Court.

 [v] Hindu Women Must Have At Least 4 Children, Says BJP’s Sakshi Maharaj –

Church attacks: Christian community demands protection for churches in Mumbai. Read more at:     christian-community-demands-police-protection-from- government/1/425406.html

Ghar wapsi to continue till conversions are banned: Adityanath –     continue-till-conversions-are-banned-adityanath/article6929001.ece

[vi] Smith, A., 1976, The Wealth of Nationsedited by R.H. Campbell and A.S. Skinner, The Glasgow edition of the Works and Correspondence of Adam Smith

 [vii] “Do We Need Religion To Create A Moral Society?” on The Big Questions –

III. Tour De Frantic: The Race of News Cycles 

[i] Mickey Kaus, “Kausfiles Battles for the Vital Center!” March 9, 2000

[ii] Mickey Kaus, “Faster History, Faster Democracy?” March 15, 2005

[iii] Livingston, Steven. Clarifying the CNN Effect: An Examination of Media Effects According to Type of Military Intervention(PDF). John F. Kennedy School of Government’s Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy at Harvard University. 1997.

[iv] William Lafi Youmans, Al Jazeera Effect, in Encyclopedia of Social Media and Politics, Harvey Kerric and Golson J. Jeffrey (eds.), CQ Press/SAGE Reference, 2013 (forthcoming)

[v] Weaver, David H. et al. (2006). “8. Journalists’ Best Work”. The American Journalist in the 21st Century: U.s. News People at the Dawn of a New Millennium. Routledge. p. 226. ISBN 0-8058-5382-0.



IV. Game of Thought

[i] Sugata Mitra on Knowing is Obsolete at TED Talks –


[iii] “Sugata Mitra: “Knowing is Obsolete”. Is it?” –

Sugata Mitra: “Knowing is obsolete.” Is it?

V. Will The Real Winston Smith Please Stand Up?

[1] Chomsky: The US behaves nothing like a democracy,

[2] Study: US is an oligarchy, not a democracy



[5] Ian Kershaw, Marrus, Michael The Holocaust in History, Toronto: KeyPorter, 2000 page 91.

VI. Lost In Trans-Emotion

[i] “The Cockroach Theory for Self Development” by Sundar Pichai

[ii] “QUESTIONS FOR NOAM CHOMSKY: The Professorial Provocateur” Interview by DEBORAH SOLOMON Published: November 2, 2003 –





Do Animals Exhibit Homosexuality?


VII. WE ARE F****D !!!


[ii] The Charge of the Light Brigade, Lord Alfred Tennyson


[iv] Buddhism: The foundations of Buddhism, The cultural context. In Encyclopædia Britannica. Retrieved 19-07-2009, from Encyclopædia Britannica Online Library Edition













[viii]       Binayak Sen – Indian paedatrician, public health specialist and human           rights activist

Arundati Roy – Indian author, winner of Man Booker Prize

Aseem Trivedi – Indian political cartoonist and activist

Kanhaiya Kumar –

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