When You Fall Down

Humans have utilised their innate ability to climb their way up to the top of the ecological food chain. As a species we have dominated the natural world that we inhabit. Using science and technological advancement we have learnt to bend nature to our needs and demands. We wanted seasonal fruits and vegetables out of season, we wanted land where there was none and cleared anything in the way, we wanted more of everything to meet the growing demands and matched it with a growing rate of consumption.

Having become the dominant species, we then proceeded to become almost parasitic on the natural world; sucking the life out of anything and everything around us to make our own more comfortable. And if humans were to venture out to other planets to populate them, we could even be seen as a virus.

The key to this innate characteristic is our own consciousness that has the infinite potential to complain.

We believed that we should not be dying so ‘early’ and advancements in medicine and food took place. We believed we would starve if we had to solely rely on the weather governing our food production and introduced genetically modified crops to combat the challenges faced by organic production because otherwise our species would not survive. Now we believe that we ought not to be shuffling past the ‘early’ age of 75 but be living till we are 135 years of age, since we’ve been consuming this ‘poisonous’ genetically modified crops and we ought to actually be eating organically.

And while a percentage of the global population debates eco-friendly methods of development and food production, there is still a sizable percentage that would prefer any development and/or food production irrespective of the long-term losses. The truth is the latter percentage does not care about the long run because they can’t; their problems restrict them from seeing whether or not they’ll even survive the short run.

In other words, rather bizarrely we have created first and third “world” problems on the same planet. While some are upset for not having food, other are upset at being too full …

Is it that humans lack compassion? Or are they simply desensitized to problems that do not directly concern them?

Both questions can be answered in the affirmative and the negative.

I believe the actual issue is similar to the idiom of “the grass is always greener”.

There is an underlying force in the psyche of the human mind that causes us to find a reason to not be happy, while constantly pursuing euphoria. The fear of not being happy allows anything to capitulate and manipulate us and the ability to fight this is not handed down genetically but is something that has to be learnt and understood by each individual all on their own.

So when you fall down, don’t worry about being unhappy, the human brain already has that under control, worry about figuring out how to get back up, because that’s how we became the dominant species in the first place.


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