The Fried, The Freudian & The Feminist

I had already had a few pints … my vision blurred … in the centre, there she was … spinning on the pole … it was in slow motion … slowly turning away from me … just as beautiful from each angle … through the window I could see the droplets of water slowly flowing down … the blinking red lights glistening … heat being generated by the pole … my mouth went dry … I forced myself to swallow my saliva … my lips moist from the act … I reached for my wallet …

Now whilst this may appear to be a philanthropic philanderer’s diary entry while window shopping in Amsterdam, please understand that I’m referring to a Doner Kebab … slowly spinning on a rotisserie … tantalizing my taste buds … drawing me closer … Damn, here I go again!

A Doner Kebab is a Turkish dish of crisp meat shavings, usually of lamb, thinly sliced off a vertical rotisserie, served with a salad and sauce. The meat is first minced and usually marinated with garlic, cloves, black pepper and seasoning salt. The mixture is packed together and oven cooked. Following which, the meat is roasted on a vertical rotisserie from which the meat is shaved to be served. Although, it is a Turkish dish, there are plenty of regional variations across Europe, the Americas and Oceania. The variations differ to suit the regional tastes and that’s where the sauce and salad comes in. From hot-chilli to mint, mustard to garlic or just ketchup and mayonnaise, the Doner Kebab lends itself well to the sauce.

Even if you do deign to eat the salad alongside, it isn’t the healthiest item of food available. At the very least it is not fried and my love for it is not Freudian; it is what it is … a Boner, DAMNIT, Doner Kebab. (See what I did there)

Maybe Freud would still have applied his psychoanalysis to our fascination with food. Freud’s psychoanalytic theory focused on the psychosexual stages of development, the components of our personality and the levels of consciousness. Freud argued that each of these aspects could be traced back to sexual desire. So maybe the fascination with food is the same one has with the sex that one is attracted to.

Misogyny is described as the hatred or dislike of women and girls manifesting itself either with sexual discrimination or objectification. Was I objectifying food or women? Could I have unknowingly crossed a line?

But why do advertisements for food products show women either doing a PhD on the contents of a box of cookies or giggling at grapes? Why is Feminism seen as a radical notion that women are also people?

Maybe this is the discussion required … Maybe one day we could look back and laugh at our bigotted nature … Maybe one day it need not be a big deal to be the first woman to accomplish something … Maybe one day we are not paid differently … Maybe one day we need not have separate toilets (Damn it, Freud, get out of my head) … Maybe one day they will be seen for what they truly are, other human beings!

And when that day comes, I do hope that beer and Doner are still around!

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