Karandi or Kierkegaard: An Existential Dilemma

The old metaphorical question of which came first, the chicken or the egg has been debated over centuries. Modern science, however, has seemed to have been able to answer this age-old query. According to evolution, the egg would have to have come first. The principles of evolution dictate that two species that are closely related to the modern domesticated chicken, bred together to produce the egg from which the chicken came. This is based on the fact that there has to exist an arbitrary threshold which had to be overcome for the species to be defined as the Chicken. Therefore, the egg had to hatch first for the threshold to be broken.

Now while there are plenty of people who espouse that evolution is merely a theory, in the interest of fairness and balance, I will explain the theory of creationism. God created them both at the same time, end of theory. The cultural view of the question is more metaphorical to describe a cyclical situation of a circular cause and consequence; a situation where one can’t exist without the other.

But who cares when human beings have taken this cause and consequence and created the Chicken Karandi Muttai.

Karandi” means ladle and “Muttai” means egg. The process involves creating an egg mixture as you would to make an omelette. The mixture will include eggs and spices, whisked to a fluffy delight, to which pieces of chicken are added. This delightful combination is then cooked as an omelette in a karandi, the ladle. A soft fluffy omelette shaped like a ball is fashioned with a chicken stuffing.

The magical sensation on the taste buds is an explosion of flavours. A typical chicken karandi muttai will include onions, pepper and cumin seeds while the chicken is pre-cooked with no restraint of masalas. Armed with only a fork, as you break open the ball, the aromas and texture of a perfectly cooked omelette incorporated with spicy chicken morsels tickles the palate whilst taking care of any pangs of hunger.

Kierkegaard said, “Our life always expresses the result of our dominant thoughts”. So one may face guilt over the complete domination over a species, where we have taken the egg out of the chicken (that came from an egg, remember) then placed the chicken in the egg and created a spherical representation of two generations for consumption.

But once the chicken karandi muttai has entered your mouth, then the only dilemma faced is how many you want to order!

P.S.: If you want some Chicken Karandi Muttai, I recommend you visit Dindigul Thalappakatti in Chennai. An establishment that has been churning out exotic and exquisite food since 1957 with branches across the South of India as well as an outlet in Paris.

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